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Company "Poskryakov" produces equipment for professionals And lovers of outdoor activities.


Its most important advantage, it is also the main difference - the products are developed on the basis of the experience of a professional hunter with 30 years of experience and is made only of natural materials.

If you have a question or you want to place an order, we will help you to choose the size. You can also ask your question by e-mail: tropa42@yandex.ru.                   

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At manufacturing only natural aspen and horse fur are used. No synthetics and plastic!

With these skis you can:

  • Practically do not make a noisy noise at a walk on any snow, rise in steep gradients.There, where ordinary skiing just does not get there
  • Feel an ideal slip
  • As long as possible to keep the force for being outdoors, since the snow does not stick to the skis, and therefore you do not carry such an "extra load"  


We also produce skis with a fur band of horse and ski without fur:


IMG_20161211_130907                        IMG_20170316_234046


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  • Natural high-quality calf leather, 1.8 mm thick
  • A stocking made of felt, 6 mm thick, in combination with the skin, allows the feet to "breathe" and remain dry for a few days
  • The non-freezing and non-slip sole consisting of 2 layers
  • Your feet will not sweat and will not freeze
  • Even at -40 C your feet will feel comfortable
  • Design in a classic style
  • Excellent sitting on the leg
  • The weight of the pair is only 1.3 kg





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  •   Excellent for outdoor activities
  •   Feeling of comfort and in the rain and sun you are guaranteed
  •   Feet "breathe" at any temperature
  •   Materials from the best domestic manufacturers
  •   No synthetics - only genuine leather
  •   Comfortable socks temperature from -10 to +30 С
  •   Reliable and wear-resistant
  •   Weight of one pair - 850-1200 gr
  •   Non-slip wear-resistant outsole of unique design
  •   Require minimal care


Our products are sent by international mail and transport companies all over the world. To calculate the cost of delivery when ordering please indicate your exact mailing address.

On all questions you can also write to us by e-mail: tropa42@yandex.ru